~In Memory´s to Dennis~
Hey Welcome to UFS-Family´s Home enjoy your stay. This clan is started by D3nN!s(RIP) & Just!ce the leaders and founders.
The reason that we made this clan is to make a fair team, in which everyone feels home. We are justly to everyone, everyone is equal in our clan. Our clan represents fair and respectful game. Our managers will always try to make members feel good in our clan. We are looking for good, active players, but also for those who are mature,funny,friendly & nice behavior guys, If you want to make our clan stronger, don’t hesitate and join United Fusion of Skills!

~In Memory´s to Dennis~

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Hey UFS Family UFS wishes you a merry X-mas and a Happy new year! Dont drink too much! Very Happy
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 *** How to Apply ***

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PostSubject: *** How to Apply ***   Sat May 28, 2011 11:30 am

Hello guys,
You want to be a part of {UFS}??
"United Fusion of Skills"
You wanna join a Family a Funny and Skilly Clan? so you
are right here we are searching for Good players
we want to be Nice Clan FUN is that what we want!
and FUN means WIN/TEAMPLAY/Nice mates that is what we
search !! you nice? you pro? apply! you not nice? but u want to learn?
apply we want a family and just people with well behavhior.
Make sure that you know our rules.
We dont accept all people,if you want to be accepted
then you need to be a friendly or funny guy your behavior should be nice
Asshole are not welcome.We want to be a family so everyone respect each other new member wear <PRB> for some time!
That means 2 weeks trial so we can see if you re okey and
if u can get accepted!
Be active on Server & Forum.
Teamplay and communication is the most important in this Clan.
Also you need to download "Xfire" & "UAC3"
Xfire" is needed that we can contact you and xfire is a very simple way to contact.
UAC3" we need that in wars and for check cheaters in our Clan make sure u got UAC rdy always!
okey you had read the rules?and agree with them?
so your application must include the following notes:
  • 1.Your realname?
    2.Your Age?
    3.How long you play SWAT?
    4.Why do you want to join?
    5.Male or Female?
    6.Who recruited you?
    7.Your Xfire name.
    8.Why should we accept you?
    9.Your Clans before?if any.
    10.Where are you from?
    11.Your Ingamename?

If we see any application where are missing one of these things:"DENIED"
unless there are good reasons why you can not give us this informations.
Download Xfire here:
Download UAC here:

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*** How to Apply ***
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